Now I Am Myself

April 7 - May 13, 2016

"Once I was beautiful. Now I am myself" - Anne Sexton

For our first exhibition in our new Wolff Gallery space, Shannon O'Connor and I curated  a group show featuring five female artists, all of whom are photographing themselves or other women in ways that reject, challenge, or circumvent the male gaze. Although this is not a new revisionist effort for feminist artists, equitable representation of women within popular media culture continues to be rare. This show exists as another divergence from the status quo, with each artist offering her unique narrative and vision in order to create space for herself in front of the camera and move the discourse beyond objectification to empowerment.

Featured artists: Audra Osborne, Briana Cerezo, Calethia DeConto, Jamila Clarke, and Lauren Crow.

Review in Willamette Week by Jennifer Rabin